Getting Started on Codewars

Founders and Coders

What's a kata?

A kata is a coding challenge, designed to improve your skills and the way you think about writing code. They’re created by the Codewars community.

What’s Honor?

These are points that you earn in Codewars through completing kata, providing constructive feedback, and creating your own kata.

What’s Kyu?

This is just a word for level - it applies to the difficulty of a kata. 8kyu kata are the easiest, and 1kyu kata the trickiest.

It also applies to the skill level of a user. The more Honor you earn, the higher your Kyu rank becomes, starting at 8kyu and working your way down.

Choosing Kata

After completing a kata, Codewars will often recommend you a new one to move on to.

In our experience, these are quite often a step up in difficulty.

Tips for completing kata

Google, Google, Google!

Or, your search engine of choice

Ecosia, Ecosia, Ecosia?

Stack Overflow and the Mozilla Developer Network are your friends

But don't copy and paste!

Take breaks

Having a fresh pair of eyes can do wonders for your thinking

Come to Founders and Coders meetups!

Collaborating with others is often the key to cracking a pesky kata

And remember: there are a gazillion different ways to solve a kata!

Good luck!