Founders and Coders

Founders and Coders is a UK-based nonprofit

opening access to the digital economy through sharing our model of peer-led learning

Our values


Support for cooperative learning, cooperatively-owned businesses, and collaboration with the local community


Getting a more diverse group of people into tech training and into tech employment

Social Impact

Helping charities and social enterprises develop digital services

Our peer-led approach to learning

Complete beginners study part-time

supported by our full-time students

Once accepted on the programme, students study full-time for 16 weeks

supported by our graduates

Once they graduate, our students find employment

through our partnership network

Some found their own digital agencies or startups

supported by our alumni community through
the Founders programme

Our curriculum

Mobile web app development

HTML, CSS and JavaScript


working in agile teams


engaging with nonprofit clients through
the Tech for Better programme

Open source

updated regularly by our community and freely available online

Our community

Many of our graduates become company members

and stay actively involved in supporting the programme

Several have supported the development of new programmes

including in Gaza, al-Khalil and Nazareth

Support for other organisations

Our model is replicable

Our membership can help

supported by our staff

Within a short time, new programmes can run independently

and can begin to support the growth of new programmes elsewhere

Founders and Coders