The Founders programme


A 3-month programme for Founders and Coders graduates


“From the start, Dan intended for Founders and Coders to support its graduates in founding companies, in particular when the enterprise aims to make a positive social impact.”
(from our 2018 strategic objectives)


Apply in pairs, choose your projects, pair up with Palestinian developers, build your own startup or agency.

What we expect of you

A commitment to developing your practice as a developer at Founders and Coders

A commitment to working with graduates of our Palestinian programmes

A commitment to support the next cohort on the Founders programme

A commitment to attend business meetings and take an interest in the running of the organisation

What you can expect from us

A bursary of £1,200/month for three months (provided by Intersticia)

Support from previous programme participants

Support in seeking funding or identifying paid work opportunities after the end of the programme

Support in forming your own cooperative company, if and when you decide that you want to take that step

Apply for this programme if...

All of the above gets you excited

Do not apply...

Just because you want to delay joining the job market for a couple of months

That's all