Founders and Coders

Founders and Coders is a UK-based nonprofit

opening access to the digital economy through sharing our model of peer-led learning




Al Khalil

FAC's peer-led approach to learning

Complete beginners study part-time

supported by full-time students

Once accepted on the programme, students study full-time for 16 weeks

on-site in Finsbury Park, supported and mentored by recent graduates

Once they graduate, students find employment

through the FAC partnership network

And some even found their own digital agencies or startups

supported by the alumni community through
the Founders Programme

The full-time course

How does it work?

The course is 16 weeks long

with a one-week break in the middle

Students work from 10am to 6pm, Monday to Friday

on-site in Space4, a co-working space in Finsbury Park

There are no tuition fees

What will I learn?

How to be a full-stack web developer

in a collaborative and supportive environment

FAC uses popular and cutting-edge technologies

including HTML, CSS, JavaScript, Node.js, React and many more!

User-centered design and entrepreneurship

through workshops and team projects

Hands-on experience making real-world applications

working in agile teams through our Tech for Better programme

So, what's the Tech for Better programme?

A pro-bono initiative for social impact startups and nonprofits

and FAC students' final project before graduating

Students work together with the participants

in designing, building and testing a new digital service

The organisation comes away with a web app

that they can test with real users

And the students also come away with invaluable experience

having built a fully functioning web application

How is the course free?

Through reciprocity

all graduates give back to the programme, starting by mentoring the new cohort for at least one full week after they graduate

Through employment partners

FAC also supports itself financially by putting students into employment after they graduate

What are my opportunities after the course?

As a Junior Developer

the majority of graduates go on to begin their career as a junior developer, whether that's at a startup, a larger organisation, or an agency

The Founders Programme

an opportunity for graduates to continue working on Tech for Better projects, gaining freelance experience

Mentor Abroad

and some graduates go on to mentor at other campuses in Nazareth, Gaza and Al-Khalil

How can I get on to the course?

There are no academic requirements for the course

but students will need to be self-motivated, prepared to work long hours, and committed to collaborative working

There are pre-requisites to complete, as part of your application

these will help you learn the building blocks of web development

Meetups and short courses

joining weekly meet-ups is a great to way work on the pre-requisites in a relaxed, beginner-friendly environment

and FAC also host an introductory short course...

The Short Course

The course is 4 weeks long

and takes place over 4 sessions, each taking place from 6.30 - 8.30pm on Tuesday evenings

It will help you tackle the pre-requisites for the full-time course

you'll learn HTML, CSS and beginner's JavaScript from scratch, as well as getting to grips with freeCodeCamp, Codewars and Pair Programming!

FAC short course

Head to the website for more info

and submit an Expression of Interest to hear about upcoming meetups and short courses

Thank you!