Founders and Coders

Welcome to FAC18

Welcome to FAC18

And congratulations!

First, a bit of FAC history...



Self-organising meetups begin in the British Library


Classroom space secured at Camden Collective


Coding the Web

runs for 6 weeks in January and February, using Udacity's CS101 and CS253


runs for 8 weeks from March, still largely based on Python


runs for 7 weeks from June. "LEARN TO CODE, JOIN A COMMUNITY, BUILD A BUSINESS". It is the first FAC-like FAC and the first time a team of graduates (George, Bes and Izaak) stays to work on a freelance project.


runs for 8 weeks from September. Ines and Nelson turn up half way through. We lose our Classroom and in the final week run a crowdfunding campaign, instead of learning Angular. We move to Palmers Road and register as a community interest company.


Our founding documents

Founders and Coders CIC

Registered January 27, 2015


Providing programmes of study for the general public

Benefitting the community by:
"helping develop the knowledge and skills of the general population."

Providing a place of learning and work for our members

Benefitting the community by:
"providing a convivial place where our members can study and work together and contribute to our study programmes...

"... and by encouraging continuing support and collaboration between students of our study programmes and our members."

"Our activities are run and managed by our members, most of whom have been through one of our study programmes and are committed through their membership of the Company to continue to contribute to those programmes."

"If the company makes any surplus it will be used for developing further programmes of study and for developing further places of study and work."



Several alumni stay with us to mentor as we try to build a cooperative agency. Nelson and Ines volunteer more-or-less full-time.


Our attempts to build a cooperative agency collapse and we go back to the drawing board.


runs for 12 weeks with several graduates ending up working with Ines and Nelson at dwyl.



runs for 16 weeks, culminating in 7 hackathons in 8 weeks. Madness!


We unwisely start planning our first cohort in Nazareth. CAST and The Anna Freud Centre both provide budget for graduate projects.


We are joined by Shireen and Esraa from Israel. Bradley from FAC8 volunteers in the role of course facilitator.



Three programmes start simultaneously in London, Nazareth and Gaza. A team of volunteers scrambles to get the master-reference ready. Rebecca is now working more-or-less full-time on a volunteer basis. Joe returns to help us build hiring relationships.


Thanks to the Gaza contract, we finally have budget for a part-time course facilitator and to pay Rebecca. Dan goes on payroll. Yvonne joins the team. We use funding from the second CAST digital fellowship to launch the InFact agency.


For the first time, more than half the cohort finds employment through us and London begins to break even.



It snows. We move to Finsbury Park during reading week.


It is the hottest Summer on record. Tech for Better launches and we secure the first round of funding for the Founders programme.


The course facilitator role becomes full-time.



Double denim.
The programme is now 18 weeks long.


Course Facilitator



All of FAC17


Yvonne Liu (FAC10)

Joe Tanner (FAC3)

Dan Sofer

Core Values


We want the tech industry to be a place where people from all backgrounds can thrive.


We prioritise collective learning over individual goals.

Social Impact

Through the Tech for Better programme!

Welcome to

You are a member of not one, but two great communities.

Please be respectful of everyone using the space.

Make the effort to get to know other users of the space!

Community lunches are on Wednesdays.

Come to Space4 events and parties!

And remember to water the plants

growing plant gif

Our expectations of you

Turn up on time

And be committed.

Be nice

To everyone in the space and the community. Our code of conduct is important!


You'll take turns to mentor at our evening meetups, short course sessions and workshops. More on that later.

After graduation

As a minimum, mentor one week for the next cohort.

Work with Joe

And let him help you find employment when you graduate!

House rules

Hot desking

Move around the classroom and try to work with everyone

Keep it clean

Keeping the space tidy is all of our responsibility - not just whoever's on the cleaning rota!

The 20/20/20 rule

Spend no more than 20 minutes trying to solve a problem yourself, then 20 minutes consulting with your cohort, then 20 minutes with mentors.

Use user manuals

Update your user manual and read your teammates'!