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Tech for Better

A programme for social impact startups and nonprofits to learn how to design, build and test new digital services, working with developers in London and Palestine, and supported by Intersticia.

How will this programme benefit me?

It will give you experience of working with an agile development team,

and of being a
product owner,

and of creating a real digital service you can test with users

What is the total time commitment required of me?

Around 20 hours spread over several weeks

How it works

Discovery workshop

Programme application

Definition workshop

followed by data collection and content creation

Product owner workshop

followed by prototyping,

initial user testing,

and sprint planning

First development sprint

Followed by more user testing,

and sprint review and planning

Second development sprint

Followed by product handover

What are we looking for?

A committed product owner

An interesting problem

Social impact

What sorts of problems?

I have a trainer network of 250 people. I want to be able to collect training data, generate reports to support local delivery and provide evidence of effective roll out.

Small businesses in East London are facing exorbitant rent increases and are often isolated when trying to navigate their way through landlord’s demands.

Empower rural women leaders in Serengeti Tanzania to lead their communities away from Female Genital Mutilation.

There are clinical trials available but access to them depend on a patient's location, their doctor's knowledge of current trials and the ability of the patient to do a detailed search on google.

Young people need greater support in understanding their mental states and what affects that on a day to day basis.

Past participants

My experience of the tech for better programme was overwhelmingly positive. The people building my app (both here in London and in Gaza) demonstrated high quality levels of attention and application to produce a product which exactly serves my project’s needs.

Cat Divers, MyPickle

Such a professional and talented bunch of people! Our project turned out beautifully and now we have funding in place from local councils to develop it further. We would not have secured these resources had it not been for Founders and Coders.

Krissie Nicolson, East End Trades Guild

The whole experience has been so enriching and I have nothing but gratitude for the whole shebang! I love the set up of the programme, the ethos, the structure, the energy and enthusiam of the course facilitators and coders. We've come out with an amazing product that we're looking to develop and expand on and I've found a deep love for tech and its potential to make the world a better place.

Rachel Butt, The Advocacy Project

How do I apply? techforbetter

Upcoming dates

Mondays 4-6pm

  • November 11
  • November 18
  • November 25
  • December 2
  • December 9

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