Tech for Better

Let's define the problem area.

Where we're at

  1. You've articulated your goal
  2. Identified your users
  3. Done some user research

Today's schedule

  1. Review your user research
  2. Redefine the problem
  3. Define a user journey
  4. Design some initial solutions

What's next?

  1. Product Owner Training
  2. Design sprint & prototyping
  3. Prototype user testing
  4. Build sprint
  5. App user testing
  6. Final handover

Let's review

Debrief the team

Revisit the findings of your user research

Write the most common, unexpected or illuminating stories that came from user research on separate Post-it notes

Think about underlying behaviours and motivations

Also include things which falsified your previous assumptions

As a group, move each set of Post-its into groups based on similarity or relations between them.

Name the themes

Create a statement for each group that would transform the theme into a core insight


User Needs

Create a problem statement.

needs a way to
so that

How Might We?

Compare, group, pair

Dot voting

User Journey

  1. How might we
  2. Identify the user
  3. Identify a single outcome that the user wants to achieve
  4. Compose a tweet advertising the service (under 140 characters)

An example user journey

  1. How might we help a traveller save money by finding a shared ride to the airport
  2. Our user is Rebecca, a price-conscious traveller
  3. I can post my departure time and connect to other people travelling on the same day
  4. "Try #TaxiShare to save money on taxis now"


Crazy Eights

The user journey as a mobile map

crazy eights example

Dot voting

What's next?

  1. Ensure that your teams have been provided with brand guidelines, color swatches, fonts, logos and copy before design sprint
  2. Product Owner & Consequence Scanning workshop: Monday February 3rd from 10am - 2pm
  3. User testing of the prototype: Thursday 6th February (usually between 3:00pm-5:00pm)
  4. In progress testing of the app: February 10-13th
  5. Final handover: Friday 21st February from 11am - 1pm