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Product Owner Workshop

Welcome back!

What have we done so far?

Discovery Workshop

User research

Definition Workshop

Paper prototyping

The plan for today:

Product owner introduction

User stories

Github onboarding

Sprint planning

What comes next?

Week 1 - Design

Sprint planning

User testing of prototype/wireframes

Week 2 - Build

Sprint review and planning

Week 3 - Build

Product Handover

The Product Owner

The Product Owner

The product owner is the person who ensures that the client gets the best from the development process.

She stands between the success and failure of a project.

The Process

7 Traits of an Effective Product Owner

Clarity of Purpose


Authority to Make Decisions

Efficient Communication

Domain Knowledge

Proximity to Users


How will we communicate?

Github provides us with three distinct advantages:

A single source of truth


Access to source code

Avoid Email

User Stories

Capturing the "Who? What? Why?" of a requirement

As a ...

I want ...

So that ...

User Journeys vs User Stories

A user story defines a single testable interaction.

A user journey describes all the interactions required to achieve a user goal. It is made up of multiple user stories.

Project Start

In your teams:

Review your project goals

Decide on a user journey

Break the user journey into user stories

Sign up for GitHub

Get a quick guided tour

Put all of the user stories into GitHub

Before you go!

Schedule your project meetings

Suggested dates

Week 1:

Prototype user testing: Thursday 3pm - 5pm

Week 2:

Optional user testing

Week 3:

MVP user testing: Thursday

Product handover: Friday 11am-1pm

Thank you!